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Fire protection clothing JC-BH03 Thermal radiation protection Fire protection clothing

High quality thermal insulation products Jincheng safety JC-BH03JC-BH03 fire protection clothing, welcome to buy!

格 Price
5100.00 ¥ 5100.00
4400.00 ¥ 4400.00
1-9 sets
≥10 sets
4400.00 /套 ¥ 4400.00 / set 套可售 1,000 sets available
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Jincheng Security
Use range:
Fire protection, glass, cement, kiln, ceramics and other industries
Whether conjoined:
With or without respirator rucksack:
Product details
Product details

Firefighters' protective clothing is a type of full-body protective clothing that firefighters wear when they enter a flame area for a short time to extinguish a fire or close a valve. Its protective performance is designed strictly in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security's equipment standards and meets the technical standards of "Fire Fighting Clothing". The garment is composed of fire-resistant, fire-resistant layer, heat-insulating layer, waterproof, steam layer and other multilayer materials, and has good fire-resistant and heat-insulating performance. The clothing is not only personal protection for firefighters when fighting fires in the flame zone, but also for personal protection of workers during high-temperature emergency repairs of furnaces in glass, cement, ceramics and other industries.

结构特征 I. Structural Features

1. Structure: split built-in respirator

2. The whole set of fire protection clothing includes tops, pants, hoods, gloves and fire shoes (including heat-resistant shoes), and the fabric is made of carbon fiber fireproof cloth.

Technical characteristics

1. Main performance:

防火、隔热,可穿越火区瞬间接触火焰。 Fire-proof and heat-insulated, it can pass through the fire area and touch the flame instantly.

可承受 1000 ℃的火焰温度 , 能防护 1300 ℃的辐射热。 ※ It can withstand a flame temperature of 1000 , and can protect the radiant heat of 1300 ℃.

2. Main parameters:

外层材料阻燃性能:毁损长度≤ 20mm ,燃时间≤ 1s ,阴燃时间≤ 2s Outer layer flame retardant performance: damage length ≤ 20mm , burning time ≤ 1s , smoldering time ≤ 2s .

外层材料撕破强力:≥ 100N Tear strength of outer material: ≥ 100N .

组合材料抗辐射热渗透性能:在 13.6KW/ ㎡的辐射热源下(在高温炉 800 ℃,距热源 23cm 测试) 120s ,其内表面温升≤ 25 . ※ The anti-radiation heat penetration performance of the composite material: under the radiant heat source of 13.6KW / ㎡ ( tested at 800 in high temperature furnace , 23cm away from the heat source ) for 120s , the inner surface temperature rise ≤ 25

组合材料耐火焰性能:耐热温度 1300 度,进入 1000 度火场内,可持续 30 秒温度不超过 25 ※ The flame resistance of the composite material: the heat-resistant temperature is 1300 degrees, and it can enter the fire field at 1000 degrees, and the temperature can not exceed 25 for 30 seconds.

服装整体抗热性能:人体模型着装在模拟火场温度 1000 ℃条件下, 30s 后其内表面温升≤ 13 ℃。 ※ The overall heat resistance of the clothing: The human body model is dressed under the simulated fire temperature of 1000 ℃, and the temperature rise of the inner surface after 30s 13 ℃.

Third, the size, weight

1. Specifications (Note: special specifications are agreed upon by the supplier and the buyer)

Clothing number


cm Reference height ( cm )










11kg 2. Weight: The weight of the whole fire extinguishing suit is ≤ 11kg .

Fourth, use

1. Preparation and inspection before use

The whole set of fire protection clothing is composed of a top, a pant (or a pair of tops and pants), a hood, gloves, and fire shoes. It should be used in its entirety. 服装的完好性,达不到完好性能要求严谨进入作业现场。 The integrity of the entire garment should be checked before use , and it can not enter the job site rigorously if it fails to meet the intact performance requirements. The inspections include:

服装表面有无破损、开线等现象; Whether the surface of the garment is damaged or open;

服装各部位配件装订是否到位、牢固、可靠; Whether the binding of parts of clothing is in place, firm and reliable;

拉链、纽扣是否顺畅、灵活,裤背带是否有弹力,粘扣是否完好、可靠; Whether the zipper and buttons are smooth and flexible, whether the trouser strap is elastic, and whether the hook and loop are intact and reliable;

头罩的镀金视片是否清晰。 Whether the gold-plated video of the hood is clear.

2. Precautions for use

进入作业现场必须配备完整,穿戴齐全,要扣紧密封部位的部件,保证服装密封良好。 ※ To enter the work site, you must be fully equipped and fully dressed, and the parts of the seal must be fastened to ensure that the clothing is well sealed.

消防员应对配套装备能熟练操作,正确使用。 Firefighters should be able to operate the supporting equipment skillfully and use it properly. Such as: wear and use of air respirators.

使用前先将隔热鞋置入避火鞋内,再将双腿裤脚套在避火鞋筒内。 Before use, put the heat-insulated shoes in the fire-proof shoes, and then put the legs and legs in the fire-proof shoes tube.

穿上裤子和避火鞋,系好背带,拉紧裤带。 Put on pants and fire shoes, fasten the straps, and tighten the straps.

背好呼吸器,穿上上衣,收紧防火绳并将绳系紧,再将上衣前门粘扣对齐粘牢,将重叠部分盖严,将衣扣扣牢。 Back your breathing apparatus, put on your jacket, tighten the fireproof rope and fasten the rope, then align and fasten the front door's hook and loop fasteners, cover the overlapping parts tightly and fasten the buttons.

戴上避火头罩,系好头盔带,将头罩带穿过腋下,调整好松紧度扣好纽扣,使避火头罩不会因穿戴着活动而脱落 Wear a fire protection hood, fasten the helmet belt, pass the hood belt under the armpit, adjust the tightness and fasten the buttons so that the fire protection hood will not fall off due to wearing activities

戴上手套,将手套套在袖子里面,扎紧袖口。 Put on the gloves, put the gloves inside the sleeves, and tighten the cuffs.

V. Maintenance

After use, the fire-fighting clothing should be scrubbed if it is dirty. When scrubbing, use a soft brush dipped in neutral detergent, scrub the residual dirt on the surface, then rinse it with water, and hang it in a ventilated place to dry naturally. It is strictly forbidden to soak and thump with water, and it is forbidden to bake when dry.

Six, storage

1. The package of fire protection clothing is bag type, one package per garment. 20cm 以上的货架上,防止受潮、污脏。 Do not open the bag for stacking. It can be stored in a full box on the shelf more than 20cm above the ground in the original state of the factory to prevent moisture and dirt.

2. Fireproof clothing should be stored in the warehouse, and ventilation and inversion should be carried out regularly according to the situation of the warehouse. If necessary, it should be aired to prevent mildew and moth-eaten phenomena due to moisture. .

3. Open the package inspection every three months to see if the clothing has been damaged due to storage reasons.

4. During storage and initiation, clothing should avoid contact with hard and sharp materials to prevent scratches and damage.

5. Storage period: two years.

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Contact information
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