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Anping Guanou Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.
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Anping Guanou Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.


High-speed railway protection fence under the national standard pass line 20128002 high-speed rail protection fence price

High-quality guardrail products HLW-GT8002 high-speed railway bridge protective fence, welcome to buy!

格 Price
123.00 ¥ 123.00
122.00 ¥ 122.00
100-499 sets
≥500 sets
Available for sale
666660 sets
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Custom processing:
Types of:
Isolation net
Galvanized wire
Champions League Fence
Rail Fence
1797 * 2760
Surface treatment:
Scope of application:
High-speed rail line
75 * 150
Covered wire diameter:
Product details
Product details
  • Name: Frame Fence Net / National Standard: Through Line 2012 (8002)

  • Color: GB green, or customized  

  • Features

  • Using high-quality wire rod as raw material, through galvanized and pvc coated mesh surface, it has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and UV resistance for a long time. Covering thickness can reach more than 1.0mm. The mesh surface has strong impact resistance. There are two types of mesh edges: hook edge and twist edge. It is used in China's highways, railways, highways, etc .; it can be made into a solid net wall and can also be used as a temporary isolation net, which can be achieved by using different column fixing methods. After the production of the fence net, all parts must be subjected to rust removal, sanding, passivation, and vulcanization, and then treated with plastic plating. The color is fruit green, the thickness of the coating is 0.50.6mm, and the anti-aging performance of the powder is better For imported weather-resistant resin powder, the coating must be consistent in color and smooth on the surface, and no sagging, dripping, or extra clumping is allowed. The surface of the plated part shall be free from defects such as missing plating and exposed iron.

Note: The price shown here is not the actual product price. Because the guardrails are custom-made and the prices are different for different specifications, please contact our customer service staff. We will quote according to the specifications you need to ensure high quality and low price!

有的规格都可以根据您的需要定做) Product specifications ( all specifications can be customized according to your needs)

Mesh (mm): 75150

Mesh (mm): 18003000

Border (mm): 30x50x2

Mesh dipping (mm): 0.7-0.8

Mesh before plastic (mm): 4.0mm

Column size: concrete

Distance between columns (mm): 3000

Surface treatment: dipping
Color: GB Green

经营地址 位于 安平县保衡路东(河村段),有安平县工商局签发的营业执照,号码为8188,注册资本1010万元, The business address of Anping County Guanou Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is located at the east of Baoheng Road (Hecun Section) in Anping County. It has a business license issued by Anping County Industrial and Commercial Bureau with the number 8188 and a registered capital of 10.1 million yuan.

Products and equipment

主要生产和销售高速公路隔离栅,缆索护栏,铁路隔离栅,边坡防护网,,刀片刺网,铁丝网,钢丝网,现有员工288名,自动焊接网机7台,半自动焊接机8台,电焊机180台及各种配套设备15台。 Our company mainly produces and sells highway fences, cable fences, railway fences, slope protection nets, blade gauze nets, barbed wire, wire mesh, and currently has 288 employees. 7 automatic welding net machines, 8 semi-automatic welding machines 8 Taiwan, 180 welding machines and 15 various supporting equipment. The dip plastic branch factory has 4 sets of dip plastic furnaces, Nissan railway and highway barriers 10 kilometers, barbed rope 30 tons, and a flexible protective net with an annual output of 10,000 square meters .


创新精神,且具有良好的业务素质和道德品质, 拥有 多年从事丝网行业的经历 Our company's leadership team has superb leadership skills and innovative spirit, and has good business quality and ethical quality. It has many years of experience in the wire mesh industry . 多年的经营实践,积累了丰富的管理经验,能够带领职工面对各种困难和挑战 Through years of business practice, we have accumulated rich management experience and can lead employees to face various difficulties and challenges . 老客户愉快合作的同时不断发展新客户。 Facing the grim situation of competition from many enterprises and the changing situation of the business sea, it can review the current situation, seize the development opportunities, and make stable supply and sales decisions, and continue to develop new customers while happily cooperating with old customers. 使其 有法可依 In terms of management measures, our company has formulated a complete set of effective management systems, especially in terms of quality management, employee management, financial management, etc., to make it law-based . 并且 公司的管理越来越趋向规范化。 The company's management is well-organized without any loopholes, and the company's management is becoming more and more standardized.


      Our company continuously improves product quality and reputation, and the source of raw materials and sales channels are getting wider and wider. The raw materials required by our company are mainly purchased from Jiangsu, Qinhuangdao, and local, and the raw materials are selected according to the contract requirements. 厂家 竞争中站稳了脚跟 Strict control, high-quality products, high-density products, high-tech content, welcomed by customers, our company has established itself in the competition of many manufacturers . 出口 到美国、日本、德国、俄罗斯、印度等国家和地区 In addition to products sold to Beijing, Jiangsu, Ningbo and other places, they are also sold to the United States, Japan, Germany, Russia, India and other countries and regions .

For many years, our company adheres to the principle of survival by quality and development by reputation. With excellent quality, good reputation, excellent service and reasonable price as an opportunity to continue to expand the market.


Silk leads the heart of the four seas, weaving the five continents. Let you use the preferential price. Our company is willing to use silk as a medium and make friends with the Internet. Welcome friends from all walks of life to join hands with friends from all over the world and businessmen from Wuzhou to create a better tomorrow!

Search the goods supplier Anping Guanou Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. to supply the high-speed railway protective fence national standard pass line 20128002 high-speed rail protective fence price, to provide you with detailed product quotes, parameters, pictures and other product information, if you need to learn more The price of the national standard pass line 20128002 for the high-speed rail protective fence under the railway bridge, please contact the manufacturer directly, and please indicate when you contact us that you have seen this business opportunity.
Contact information
Contact information
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  • Anping Guanou Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd.
  • 销售部 Yin Xingle Sales Department
  • 13785861600
  • No. 215, Chengdong Industrial Zone, Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province

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